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Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok". This post will outline what I did in 2017 (as a instrumental music maker) to protect and ContentID my beats.

1. Signed up for both AdRev and Audiam (AdRev account takes longer to process)

2. AdRev takes 20% off videos that use your music for admin costs but you keep 100% of your monetisation from your videos on your channel. Audiam takes 25%, but you can get your account up and running in a few days (by up and running I mean uploading your music to their content ID system, it only takes a few days to get your ID "verified" in comparison to AdRev which I applied for 1-2 months ago and still haven't gotten the green light yet holla at yo boy...).

3. Start Uploading to Audiam while waiting for my AdRev account to get verified.

Audiam/AdRevwill notify you if anyone's using your music. It will give the people using your music a "copyright notice" which is different from "copyright strike". AdRev will also notify you if someones using your music. Now here comes the "issue", someone using your music who has the right licenses will have to dispute the copyright claim on YouTube with sufficient evidence.

I found a nice article on audio jungle which sums up how to dispute claims (https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204484680-Buyers-Guide-to-YouTube-Content-ID-Copyright-Notices ). The article uses an AdRev claim an example, I assume the same dispute method would work for Audiam.

I'm new to this myself, there should be more info on this topic because there's a lot off people selling their souls out here lol. I think Beatstars takes a 25% cut as well just like Audiam, but if you content ID YOUR MUSIC YOURSELF no one can fuccs wit you.

4. Once I get verified on AdRev I'll start uploading music to Adrev because they take a smaller cut (20%)

5. Don't content ID the same beat on two different platforms (read your terms and conditions), whatever I content ID on Audiam stays at Audiam, I wouldn't ContentID my beats with AdRev unless I've cleared my beats out of Audiam's servers first. (TBH I cbf removing my beats from Audiam to move them to AdRev just to save 5% hehe).

If anyone (Producer/Beatmaker/Music Artist) is still iffy on the whole content ID thing please check out this article (https://www.safemusiclist.com/adrev-copyright-claims-music-buyers/ ). TLDR if you don't content ID your shit someone eventually will. 

That's it folks, it's all advice, it is what it is.


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