Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

This TM88 X Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat was made earlier this year before 6108 & Karmela (more to come!) and is part of the collection "Thoughts in Japan" (Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2Ce1drscOV4YwlhaiD1ydP) (Google my name for iTunes).

Steps/Process to create the beat

Step 1. In the introduction I layered 2 melodies over each other. One string (violin sounding shit) instrumental and one "guitar" plucking sound that I loved to use earlier this year (You might find that instrument in a lot of my beats made earlier this year from "thoughts in Japan"). I changed the melody of the string A LOT because before it sounded like some bullshit advertisement melody (can you believe that?!?). After the main melody was completed and I knew I could incorporate that into the loop for the main melody, I made a smaller melody called the "introduction to the main body" using filtered organ and bells (Comment if you want me to check on the preset). To top it off I used Gross Beat to create a "stuttering silencing" effect on the volume to create more impact on the up and coming "DROP" (RAINDROP ____).

Step 2. I incorporated the same instrumentals from the introduction and switched up the melody a bit (to make the instrumental less boring and more engaging). Transitioning to a "break" in the middle which incorporated the same melody from the introduction. Now with the BASS, I was in LOVE with TM88's production of XO Tour Life, and I wanted to use a same Kick Bass combination! I couldn't emulate his style perfectly and of course never will, However I came up with a bass melody which in my opinion is not inferior to that of the great TM88.

Step 3. I have 2 high hats in this beat. One to act as a "metronome" (LIKE METRO BOOMIN) and one to add a stuttering effect (LIKE 808 MAFIA SOUTH SIDE). Of course this beat includes a BASIC trap high hat kick combination pattern extravaganza what do you expect>???. I used a small vocal sample to create the "screaming aahhh" sound (got that from Disneys Snow White ;) ). That's pretty much it.

It is what it is.

Keen to know more about beat/engineering/uni/Australia (DROP BEARS)?

Hit me up on my email @ beatsbykatabok@gmail.com. OR NEW NEW NEW. DM me on IG @bbkatabok.

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