Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

This Drake X Metro Boomin Type Beat is one of the newer hip hop rap instrumentals I've created and is part of a new collection which I may or may not be naming "Awakening". (Have you heard "Straight From Forest Lakes" (Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7KfOgVfIeCtkJTzGwBJB8C).

Steps/Process to create the beat

1. After watching CashMoneyAP's video on making a "21 Savage" type beat, I was inspired to try out and make some simple piano melody. After making the melody I then used gross beat to half step it (where the Gross beat 1/2 step gang at?) and that is how I made the simple "6 note melody". After that, I chose to use a trumpet sample from "La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong". Blending the trumpet sample with the rest of the melody was difficult and time consuming, as this was my first time experimenting with the strange combination. Overall the introduction gives a very old school Noir type feel/vibe (as depicted by the title of the song". Thank you Bioshock Infinite that game and story line was amazing would recomend 10/10.

2. Now the trumpet sample in the introduction wouldn't fit with the rest of the basic trap drums, in this circumstance I had to swap the trumpet melody and using the same sample found a melody which suited the overall feel of the tempo and tone. The Piano I used was the standard Nexus Grand Piano from (NEXUS). I used my staple 808 BASS as usual. I used a basic ride, made it less present in the mix and gave it a small delay in order to get that "sand shaker" effect (but a nice realistic and better one).

3. The Bass was very basic with the occasional 808 slide, just following the root notes of the instrumental. The part where the beat switches up is the section before the break, I implemented a higher tone in the trumpet and used a high pass filter in order to make the trumpet sound more realistic. I used FL studios Parametric EQ 2 in conjunction with the filter to create that live effect. Slight reverb and delay was also added onto the trumpet sample (WHO GOT DA TRUMPET SAMPLES?). And then around goes the beat -> repeat. 

All in all, this is a almost simple, yet slightly complicated beat that I am very proud of. It is what it is.

Keen to know more about beat/engineering/uni/Australia (DROP BEARS)?

Hit me up on my email @ beatsbykatabok@gmail.com. OR NEW NEW NEW. DM me on IG @bbkatabok.

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