Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

Made a new NAV Type Beat. I should really call it "Call Me" Type Beat and add metro boomin in the title because it was really inspired by their mashup. 

Steps/Process to create the beat

1. I started with a few chords to set up the ambiance of the instrumental. I then added a melody and then a counter melody on top of that. Next I thought that a clap/snare would fit perfectly so I found a sound that fits in well and hence I used it. In the beginning I added a filter and volume automation on the snare, it just adds to the movement I rekon. For the melodies and ambient synth I used 100% MASSIVE, no nexus unfortunately. I better get some new sounds soon aye. 

2. I added a basic 808 bass pattern that fits with the root note of the melody. I then added some slides for that extra omphf. I do feel like I could put the 808 at a higher bass note, but nav likes his deeper bass notes.

3. Next I layered everything out, mixed it a bit. If you wanna mix i recommend putting everything to mono from stereo and then work on the leveling from there, it's all about volume leveling.

Thats it gang shee it is what it is

Purchase link: http://www.katabok.com?tr=beat-6080447


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