Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".
This Selena Gomez Trap X Soft EDM Trap Type Beat is one of the newer hip hop rap instrumentals I've created and is part of a new collection which I may or may not be naming "Awakening". (Have you heard "Straight From Forest Lakes" (Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7KfOgVfIeCtkJTzGwBJB8C).

Steps/Process to create the beat

Step 1. I remember specifically having a set of chords that sounded very awkward, awkward because this was my first time using a "space /stranger things" type synth. So I had the chords layed out, but the melody was missing. Whenever I tried to add towards the "vibe" of the melody using other synths such as "piano" or "bells" they just didn't mesh well. So here's my new Secret towards making melody patterns... ready..? I BROKE THE CHORDS DOWN TO ARPEGGIOS!!! YES ITS THAT SIMPLE. Of course I added my own lil nick n groove as to make the melody more catchy and pleasant. Anyways after doing that I thought, Damn this melody really sounded like Stranger Things (lit tv/internet show would recommend 10/10). And that's how I made the melody.

Step 2. I pitched the melody to a higher octave and changed it a bit. Oh but first I wanted to mention that I used Ariana grande's voice as a sample, if you listen REALLY closely there's a female voice saying "done done done" throughout he whole beat. There voice adds another different dimension to the instrumental. So now I was like, what would make this beat... just ... grooovy... any guesses? RICK ASTLEY mther fkers! So i messed around a bit and founded that his 80s/90s style pop toms really fit and blended a whole with the instrumental.

Step 3. The Bass I used was the staple 808 (configured a bit with FL 10's Parametric EQ 2). Pretty simple, I just followed the melody with this one, nothing too fancy as to leave more space for the artists and to accentuate the melody further. Then as usual, after the first "loop" is completed I Leave a bit of a break in the middle (comment or email if you want me to make my beats longer, tbh I don't see the point when our generation of consumers gets so easily bored.... :/, but heck CashMoneyAP does it! and he been making 7 figures). At the end of the beat I pitched the beat lower as to signal "the end". Very simple. Did I mention I used a series of double highats pattern? (my gawd sounds so good), So this beat is at a moderate tempo of 130 BPM and I was very surprised that it worked so well with the double high hat pattern (listen below!).

Anyways catch yo later. It is what it is.

Lease: www.katabok.com?tr=beat-8042365

Keen to know more about beat/engineering/uni/Australia (DROP BEARS)?

Hit me up on my email @ beatsbykatabok@gmail.com. OR NEW NEW NEW. DM me on IG @bbkatabok.

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