Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

This Travis Scott X 21 Savage Type Beat is one of the newer hip hop rap instrumentals I've created and is part of a new collection which I may or may not be naming "Awakening". (Have you heard "Straight From Forest Lakes" (Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7KfOgVfIeCtkJTzGwBJB8C).

Steps/Process to create the beat.

1. The melody was created with a NEXUS Distorted Piano strings at 160 BPM and Half timed using gross beat. I got the melody inspiration from Goldlinks "Crew", I really felt that a simple melody would allow for more presence for the vocals of the artists using the instrumental. I would like to mention that this beat (like my previous beat) was influenced from my recent work with Art J Designs (top secret but will be posting his links when everything gets settled) (well if you want to have a look at the music please see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7io-YyYz38). Now I used a nice FX in the begging of the intro of he melody, I hope to use this again sometime in the future for more ambiance! and as I have stated in older posts, I generally try to make the beat as "vibrant and entertaining" as I can for our current generation of fast consumers.

2. I used a basic trap beat drum kick pattern on the high hats. A slight difference would be the softer panning (panning means the sound goes from left to right) and this creates more of a modern sound (I think). Did I mention I used a flute sample obtained from Disney's Snow white and the seven dwarves? lol. Now before the "break section" of the beat I made the high hats switch from different octaves and then I made them speed up, this allows for the panning to be more noticeable and relevant in the mix. 

3. I used my staple 808 Bass and included nice slick 808 slides. I really want to broaden my beat making skills and I feel like I should slow down on the trap for now, however the 808 slides are forever relavent. On another topic I wanna make a small post about trap it's decline (maybe) and the relevance of POP music. Other than the cool 808 beat slides I used Gross beat to reverse some of the snares, this further added to the "modern gangsta" vibe for the whole instrumental. Yep this is some simple shit so I don't have anything else to say other than have a nice day.

It is what it is.

Lease: www.katabok.com?tr=beat-9701271

Keen to know more about beat/engineering/uni/Australia (DROP BEARS)?

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