Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

This XXXTENTACION X Rage God Type Beat was made earlier this year (in conjunction to Karmela & 6108) and is part of the collection "Straight From Forest Lakes" (Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7KfOgVfIeCtkJTzGwBJB8C).) (Google my name for iTunes).

Steps/Process to create the beat

Step 1. I started of with a guitar sample and i chose to add effects onto that to create a more realistic and vibrantly dark realistic guitar pattern melody.  To build up suspense I layered the melody with some high hats to let yall know that shits about to go down. I further layered it up with a vocal sample From Beyonce's new 2016 album (congratulation on the new babies) the "ahh" just adds onto that spooky atmosphere and makes you feel good. I used native instruments MASSIVE to add the "guitar feedback" synth  that builds the intro up further (letting the listeners know the drop is about to hit. Finally I added some risers in the introduction leading up to a bar where I filtered and tuned down the whole section in order to create that "underwater squad" feel.

Step 2. Now I tried to incorporate the melody I created from the introduction using the same "guitar samples/synths" but it just didn't  fit. SO now I chose to use a piano synth and luckily found a great spooky gangsta melody that could fit with the first section. I felt is was better to leave a simple snare pattern to leave more space for the artists to "scream" and to provide more space for the rest of the instruments to "POP". I need to mention that this beat was inspired by XXXTentacions "Iloveitwhentheyrun", to be honest I felt the introduction was long as fuck but when X started saying AYE AYE AYE it all made sense and I was inspirered to make a beat where other rappers could say AYE AYE AYE. The Gun sound effects are an added bonus to incite a more aggressive  lyrical response within the artist, and in turn incites the listener towards releasing some stress by yelling with the artists (LOOK AT MEH FUCC ON MEEH).

Step 3. The break in the middle incorporated tuning the whole "break section" down and it just adds to that dark aggressive vibe of the whole rap instrumental, especially the build up to that "break" section, in my opinion was pretty crafty ;). A secret was in that section I used a completely different 808 BASS than I used for the main sections of the beat. The beat then ends with a lil repeat from one of the main sections, I hoped for the artist to repeat a chorus section there and end the song. If you have noticed, my beats tend to last for 02:30 mins average (that's what she said). I do this because my beats aren't really for the mainstream. People get bored of songs easily (this generation consumes so fast) and instead of incorporating another 30s of the same melody I might as well end the beat and give the listener a choice of replaying it or to move on (GoldLink's - Crew just makes you want to repeat the hell outa that shit). This might change in the future but it's my "opinion" on the current market of young listeners.

Anyways it is what it is

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