Hello lovers of music and life. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

I was wasting time on YouTube the other day and came upon a series of videos that lead to a particular video of a man talking about how learning personal development to get with chicks and "manipulate" them is a complete waste of time and is of the devil.The "personal development/RSD people" come from a very different reality than "Christians/ believers in Christ" and I just want to point that out.

Again, I just want to point out that Christians believe in the "removal of self" while the definition of "personal development" speaks for itself. I guess people can look into this in their own time. I'm a christian, but I do like some of the personal development concepts "keep achieving something greater/keep the betterment of mankind". Both have similarities.

Off topic but I see a lot of Christians who are "inexperienced with girls" say that they are waiting on GOD for the perfect one. I think that those people are taking shit too seriously like that story where some guy was stranded on top of the roof of his house during a flood and asked god to save him. A boat came and offered to save him, he kept praying and waiting on god, a helicopter came to save him and he kept on praying and waiting on GOD. In the end he died. He went to heaven and asked God why didn't he save him, god said I sent you a boat and a helicopter.....

A bit of advice on social stuff can help. People be taking shit waaay to serious and making life harder for themselves, aren't we as Christians taught that God always gives people chances? We ARE humans and WE CAN afford to make mistakes. Take for me, I probably shouldn't have studied Mining Engineering in a broken mining economy, Luckily during University I took the time to learn music production and the software required to do so (SHOUT OUT FL STUDIO YOU CHANGED MY LIFE). Just learning to take a step towards what you want can be difficult but "fuck all that talk and lets do it" - Ugly God. We're all equal in death.

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