Hello music lovers. I'm Joey or "Katabok".

TODAY I want to talk about a NEW BEAT I MADE called "Live A Life".

Step 1. After the making of video for one of my beats "Long Story", I decided to have a crack at another "making of" type beat (lol). So here I am after driving my mum off to work, inspired with a 160 - 170 bpm beat idea (Final beat is at 170BPM). Same formula, I messed around with the NEXUS synths, creating a somewhat guitar sounding synth after utilising the filter vst. I messed around with a piano arpeggio I randomly made up and then added gross beat, nek min, walah we get the sad gloompy piano melody which is then supported by a flute sample obtained from Disney's Snow white and the seven dwarves. I then added a light snare and infused a lot of claps into this beat which is very unusual for me, I guess i started to impliment this "clap trap pattern" after listening and furiously meditating on "Nav - Some Way". As usual, I added a basic drum trap pattern to the whole main melody.

Step 2. I have two high hats in this beat, one maintaining a fixed trap tempo whilst the other compliments the tempo with a "808 Mafia" type stuttering high hat in the background (you can see what I mean as this process is similar to "Long Story"). After my sudden relisation of my shit mixing skills in the past few weeks, I have taken time to learn about "compression", thought I admit I'm no expert, I can say that I did quite well in mixing my kicks with the whole beat as well as adding a unique "Katabok sounding kick" (If I dare say so). In this beat I utilised two differnt kicks, one kick will include it's "high frequency" and the other kick's "high frequency" will be cut off.

Step 3. With the BASS, I made sure to use the same 808 kick I used for "Stay Longer". This 808 bass is also known as a 808 Kick which includes a "kick" in the beginning followed by the 808 sound. Yep that's pretty much in, I made a random song afterwards using some lyrics, I can't do free style so I don't dare call myself a rapper. Anyways holla at yo boy, it is what it is.

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Making of Video:

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